Alice L• Design

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'The core challenge I was facing with my business was getting clients. I was also unsure whether the methods I was undertaking to run my business were sustainable. I was stopping myself from getting help because I was afraid seeking help would mean my business was failing. Carole has helped me build a strong foundation to hit my business goals. Prior to coaching, I had crazy targets and expectations and I had no idea how to obtain them. I can now confidently say I am on my way to achieving my goals '

Michelle E• Consultancy

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'I not only considered other options prior to working with Carole – I had been signing-up for everything! An online business course that didn’t translate well to the Australian marketplace, a marketing course that didn’t translate well to my product. Carole has this ability to really understand my vision. She quickly determined my communication and management styles and has tailored our work to challenge and strengthen my ideas. I look forward to our sessions because I know that Carole will show me how to allay my concerns. My consulting business is increasing in size (both in clients and in professional associates) and my second business is well on its way to an official launch.'

George N• Youth Counselling


'Working with Carole gave me clarity. I knew what I wanted but I was struggling to find the practical ways to achieve the goals I had set. Carole helped me clear up which path to take and what to prioritise to succeed. She also shared with me invaluable tools and strategies to take into the future of my business. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work with Carole. Now I know I'm on the right path to move my business forward. I highly recommend Carole not only to established entrepreneurs but also to new start-ups.'

Maggie H• Information Technology

'Since working with Carole, I feel like a different person. I didn’t know that a business coach was what I needed until I had one. I knew I needed to learn in a structured way, just a matter of how and who from. Initially, I could figure out a lot of things on my own, but as the business grew, I felt like I was hitting a wall. Amongst my options, I was deciding between an MBA and getting more mentors. But I’m glad I found Carole, she was better than my options combined. Carole helped me tremendously during difficult times. She was able to pin point where my knowledge gap was, and helped train my daily behaviour to achieve better results. My communication and goal-setting has dramatically improved. I’m now able to better communicate with my stakeholders and clients, and as a result, work harmoniously with my business partners and staff.'

Tina L• Online Marketing


'I was working full-time as a graphic designer and running an online store on the side. I felt overwhelmed with everything I wanted to achieve in my career and in business. I was unable to focus. I wanted to do a bit of everything. I was unsure of what I wanted and what my life goals were. Working with Carole gave me an incredible insight into myself and how to get 'unstuck'. I was able to clearly breakdown my goals and know exactly what I was working towards. Now I'm finally working on my own business full-time'.

Natasa R• Photography


'What I love about Carole's coaching is that I felt safe and understood at all times. I had a lot of business ideas and didn't know which one to go with. After our sessions, I was able to focus on one idea, refine it, and launch my business within 30 days! Carole was great at finding out what was stopping me from moving forward and guided me to build successful mindset strategies and achieve my goals.'

Di K• Coaching


'Three sessions with Carole gave me both clarity and understanding of what I needed to do next in my business. She guided me to consider options that I had not previously thought of.
The questioning thoughtful approach was always respectful and it always felt like a journey we were going on together although I always had no doubt that it was all up to me.'

Rischelle B• Fitness


'If you're looking for a strong coach who is clear, concise and constructive, Carole is the coach for you. I feel comfortable with Carole to be completely open and honest and deal with both personal and professional issues. Carole excels at coaching. She is professional and exhibits steadfastness in pushing me to conquer my fears and barriers to success.'

James W• Education


'I entered coaching secretly dissatisfied in my career and ‘comfortably numb’ in my life path. Carole has enabled me to stay on course and face relentless fears and personal doubts at every turn. Three months on I have left my job, a one-way flight to India booked, and am boldly pursuing my dream to create lasting social change. I am now confidently stepping into the destiny I was born to live.'

Charlotte H • Fashion


'Before working with Carole, the thought of starting my own business seemed almost impossible. I always lacked confidence and my motivation never lasted more than two weeks. Carole guided me through it all. She taught me how to turn an idea into a successful business.'

Pamela S• Business Development

I am a qualified professional with over a decade of experience in Corporate life. I had an opportunity to leave that behind and I wanted to pursue my own thing. But I lacked the confidence to make a decision as each opportunity was exciting but also daunting. After working with Carole, my confidence shot up to make decisions but also embrace the change as the road unfolds. I'm now working for a startup as a business development manager. It's the exact challenge I need right now. If you are like me I'd say getting support is first step. Having a business coach is an investment for your personal growth. We spend X amounts on food and entertainment over our lifetime to make us feel good, but never consider spending on personal growth.

Thalie N • Visual Effects & Design


'Working with Carole allowed me to have a clear view of the future and taught me to take action with confidence. She has been amazing at guiding me to move forward with assurance at an incredible pace.'

Joseph U • Travel & Tourism


'I wasn’t sure how coaching could help me, but when Carole presented me with the opportunity I decided to give it a go – and I am grateful that I did! In my life there were areas I believed were just the way things were, but thankfully Carole was able to bring certain traits to my attention which I normally would not have seen, enabling me to improve on numerous aspects of my life. I cannot thank Carole enough for the wonderful insights that she gave me, along with all her support and encouragement.'

Maya B • Finance


'It’s very easy to communicate with Carole. I love her smooth style and giving nature; she generously shares insights on challenges that I struggle with. Her sincere desire to push me to succeed in my new business initiative makes her, without a doubt, an excellent listener and a resourceful coach.'

Emma P • Hospitality


'For anyone wanting lasting change in a professional environment, Carole is the coach for you. My sessions with Carole have been life-changing. I was highly stressed, unmotivated and dysfunctional yet leading a team for success. Carole taught me various strategies to manage stress and fear. She was unrelentless in calling me out, questioning my choice of language and ultimately holding me accountable. Today, I approach each day with a positive outlook and feel empowered.'