Why you should stop faking it until you make it (and what to do instead)

Young entrepreneurs are constantly being told to ‘fake it until you make it’. I feel for you – and all young game changers and entrepreneurs – being hammered by this message from all sides. And, because you listen to what the seven-figure-turnover business owner and multimillion dollar dude tells you, you fall into the trap. And then, all too often, you hit a downward spiral. 

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Go beyond solving your ideal client's problem

When you create a new product or a service, there’s an important aspect that you’ll want to consider. It’s the experience your client will go through when using your product or service. In other words, the primary intention is to find ways to make your client feel good every time they interact with your product or service.

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Is it safe to give away what you know?

A common question I get when coaching entrepreneurs is whether it’s safe to share an idea. Some clients are so wound up about this, that before we even start, they already have an NDA ready for me to sign! This isn’t really a good start. 

I want to explore the concepts of abundance in terms of sharing or giving away something that others may find of value in developing their business. Let’s start though, by reflecting on another concept in contrast to abundance – scarcity...

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