Have you experienced this before?

Sometimes it just takes one idea to change your life!

The first time I worked as an intern in one of the best recording studios in San Francisco, I had no idea that I was about to learn the most valuable success activator in my life.

As I was walking into the recording room to setup the microphone, I felt so nervous because I wanted to do it right! The studio manager most probably noticed that, and walked passed me saying casually: ‘Carole, if you want to be successful in this business, here’s the truth, it’s not about the cables or the microphones, or any of the fancy equipment you’re seeing in here. Success is 70% psychology and 30% technical skills’.

At the time I didn’t get what he meant, but what he said stayed with me for years. Like the famous buddhist proverb says, ‘when the student is ready the teacher appears’, and it was only years later that I realised what he really meant.

Do you feel sometimes that there is this glass ceiling that is capping your life?

I’ve been a very determined person from a young age and always focused on pursuing my dreams and making things happen despite the nay-sayers around me.

Everything seemed 'perfect' with my career on the outside, I was hired to manage a fully fledged professional recording studio at the age of 25, I’d launched my first training business at the age of 26, I was the first certified expert in my field in the MENA region, and had received my MBA as I turned 30.

Yet I could feel that something was missing.

Have you ever wished that people came with a manual?

So many amazing people were reaching out to me asking me how they could turn their life around. They felt bored, unfulfilled, and slowly dying on the inside. They knew deep down that they could be more, do more, have more and give more. I kept finding myself super frustrated because first I had no idea how to help them and second I honestly kind of felt the same way too!

Back then, I found it hard to deal with people. It was way too complicated! For me, it was so much easier to work with software, hardware, and equipment, at least they came with a manual!

What if you could turn the situation around?

This is when I embarked on the journey of personal development and discovered the phenomenal world of mindset and emotional intelligence.

Since I never liked to do things halfway, I decided to study coaching and be trained by the best coaches in the APAC region to become an accredited professional coach .

Today, I work with creative skilled talents who want to stand out, to live life on their own terms and excel at what they do.

Over the years, I’ve been helping phenomenal people from different walks of life like: business executives, team leaders, team members, business owners, and aspiring entrepreneurs discover what’s unique about them and what fulfils them to be an outstanding team player and a leader.

Some of the secrets I’ve learnt about being successful at what you do:

  • The longest distance between two points is a shortcut

  • Learning is a never-ending process

  • The most important thing you invest in is yourself

  • If you have a big enough ‘Why’, you can handle the ‘How’, everything is possible.


  • you’re bored and going through the motions in your current job

  • you know you’re up for a bigger game in life

  • you feel stuck, confused and don't know how or where to start.